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"Within days the eczema cleared (just in time for shorts season!) and has yet to come back. I am so grateful for Sandrina’s advice, support, and knowledge that resulted in my condition’s improvement.

Sandrina is a truly positive force to be around and I recommend anyone suffering from a similar condition to work with her." read more...

- Elise Girouard.



"The program was great and Sandrina is fantastic! By the end of the program, you have not only achieved the results you wanted, but you now have the tools to keep it going.  

I have experienced positive results with my allergies, weight goals, sleep habits, eating habits, and more, due to Sandrina and this program.
Definitely worth the time, the effort, and the investment in yourself! Thanks, Sandrina!" read more...

- Arianne E.


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Check out my Interview for the Podcast "Hey Change"!

Is it normal to feel tired after we eat, or is that just a reality that we’ve accepted? A reality that we can change? And how can we connect with our bodies and become each other’s best friend? Sandrina shares some of her valuable coaching advice and teaches us how there’s, for example, no such thing as a bad craving. She also tells us how her own journey to Integrative Health started and how empowered she felt knowing that the power of her life was actually in her own hands. read more...


You want to look your best everyday, but on that special day, you want to feel the most radiant that you’ve ever been! The most effective way to achieve this is to work from the inside out!

If you are interested in learning more or being personally coached to achieve your ideal weight and look before your wedding day, I’d love to be a part of this special time in your life! Contact me to schedule a complimentary Health Consultation and learn more! read more...