"Is it normal to feel tired after we eat, or is that just a reality that we’ve accepted? A reality that we can change? And how can we connect with our bodies and become each other’s best friend? Sandrina shares some of her valuable coaching advice and teaches us how there’s, for example, no such thing as a bad craving. She also tells us how her own journey to Integrative Health started and how empowered she felt knowing that the power of her life was actually in her own hands." read more or listen to episode below:


ODMODC featured me as their Off Duty Model of the week! Check out my interview where I share my favorite beauty products, how I stay sustainable, and my activities to stay youthful. 

ODMODC is a sustainable website and blog created by Britt Bergmeister that features articles on sustainability, fashion, health, and wellness.

"Sandrina, model and founder of OrganycLove is our MODEL OF THE WEEK! Sandrina's passionate about spreading her love for health and wellness with her health coaching business OrganycLove. She talks about this, along with some important messages she always tries to share with her friends and followers, all on ODMODC.COM/Sandrina!"


I filmed a video series to share some of my favorite recipes with you!

Click to watch the first video of what I eat in a day; It's your answer to beautiful, healthy skin! This breakfast reduces inflammation to heal skin conditions like acne, eczema, and rosacea. 

This smoothie doesn’t only promote a clear, glowing complexion but it also fuels you with tons of energy to begin your day and supports optimal weight by providing you with plenty of fiber and nutrients.

Click below to learn my recipe and try it out! 


Click on the video below to learn my tricks for a lunch that supports glowing skin, healthy hair, maximized energy, a strong immune system, and optimal weight.

The best healthy recipes are the ones that are easy enough to make in 30 to 60 minutes while providing several meals. When you integrate habits that are feasible for your lifestyle you're able to stay on track with your wellness goals. So keep it simple and think of steps that won't overwhelm you but will instead make your life easier. Cooking in bulk is one for me, It saves time by being able to take a meal from the fridge rather than having to figure out what to eat or order every time.  


The is the last video of the "What I Eat in a Day" series. Watch to learn how to make a colorful, healthy, and delicious dinner for this season or any time of the year. Your desire of achieving optimal weight, health, energy, as well as a glowing complexion and hair can be answered with these recipes! 

It's never too early or late to set goals and begin accomplishing them. You have the power to reach everything you set your mind to and with the right guidance those goals can finally come true! 

Click on the video below to get them now.


You want to look your best every day, but on that special day, you want to feel the most radiant that you’ve ever been! The most effective way to achieve this is to work from the inside out! read more

Interested in being personally coached to achieve your ideal look before your wedding day? I’d love to be a part of this special time in your life! Book a session here  


Have you set your goals for 2018? Do you want to lose weight, increase energy, clear skin, and feel great inside & out? So what are you waiting for? You can finally achieve your New Year's resolutions! Book a session with me and let's get you started on the right track to feeling your very best this year! read more


Do you often feel tired, unfocused, and overwhelmed? 

Are you in need of a day to recharge and reconnect with your best self? 

You need this! It’s time to stop worrying about everyone else's needs and focus on YOU, beautiful and strong YOU!

Join Private Chef Monica Castillo and Nutrition Health Coach Sandrina Bencomo for a 1 Day Wellness Retreat that will leave you feeling relaxed, centered, balanced, and inspired to pursue your health goals for the year! read more


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