"This past winter I developed a very annoying spot of eczema on my leg that grew to a significant size by the spring. I had gone to the dermatologist in hopes that they would first confirm that it was just an irritation, and not something more serious, and second that they would point to what may be causing it. 

Sadly, all the doctor did was prescribe a steroid cream, some lotions with questionable ingredients, and sent me on my way. As the green beauty advocate that I am, I refused to use the prescription cream unless the situation became dire. 

Thankfully, this is when I had a conversation with Sandrina that changed everything. She listened intently as I explained when the eczema started, and what I had done to try to treat it. With no hesitation she walked me through some simple suggestions to follow for the next few weeks, suggested some inexpensive remedies, and asked me to let her know if it improved. 

Within days the eczema cleared (just in time for shorts season!) and has yet to come back. I am so grateful for Sandrina’s advice, support, and knowledge that resulted in my condition’s improvement.

Sandrina is a truly positive force to be around and I recommend anyone suffering from a similar condition to work with her."

- Elise Girouard



"The program was great and Sandrina is fantastic! Each session, she provides new guidance and insights that help you achieve the goals you've set for yourself. She does it in such a way that over time the better choices become better habits.

By the end of the program, you have not only achieved the results you wanted, but you now have the tools to keep it going. There are challenging periods, as should be expected - especially if you're trying to change patterns of behaviour that you've developed over time. But Sandrina is always available to lend support, to answer questions, to provide alternatives.

I have experienced positive results with my allergies, weight goals, sleep habits, eating habits, and more, due to Sandrina and this program. Definitely worth the time, the effort, and the investment in yourself! Thanks, Sandrina!"

- Arianne E



"Sandrina is one of the most inspiring health coaches I've met. Her wisdom about natural beauty and nutrition was so insightful for our ADAY community and also inspired me to throw out my daycare cream I thought was good (but in fact turned out to be a bunch of chemicals.)"

- Nina Faulhaber, Co-Founder of ADAY



“ I booked 3 great sessions with OrganycLove for my company, it was very well received and we learnt a great deal on the importance of health. I think people really took away tangible action steps to improve their sleep, relationship with food, and general mindfulness.”

- Maryse Gordon, London Stock Exchange



"Sandrina always gives such light to the room and also so many important reminders. I love how she’s able to communicate with you on your level and say things that make total sense. Her wisdom is the kind of wisdom you carry with you and start a conversation around while on hikes with your loved ones (been there) and she never makes you feel dumb for our lifestyle or your current habits, only empowered to make changes and lead a life even better lived! So much love for his girl, always!"

-  Anne T



"I had the opportunity to hear Sandrina Bencomo speak to a diverse group of models and participants in KEEN New York, families affected by disability, about the importance of healthy eating habits. I personally appreciated the way she broke down complex ideas and made it easy to understand for everyone. It was also rewarding to see the young children practicing the calming breathing technique Sandrina demonstrated. KEEN New York is grateful to Sandrina for sharing her time and knowledge, and offering her compassion to our organization."

Amanda F, Founder of KEEN New York



"I met Sandrina at a wellness breakfast where she was the keynote speaker. What an inspiring story she had, and loved how relatable it was for people living in dense cities like New York with lots going on.

She was extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and professional, and I highly recommend her!"

-  Timothy J



"Thank you for speaking at our event “KEEN on Model Behavior”.  Your beautiful presence and kind approach to introducing healthy habits into ones life really inspired the kids and models alike. Throughout the event, parents and kids kept asking for copies of your health page.  Thank you so much for sharing your time and health tips with our community!"

- Larissa Drekonja, Founder of Neon Coat